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Switch on a high level of expertise as and when your business needs it, with my consulting services designed to deliver motivational training, strategic HR and create a strong culture that allows employees to be themselves at work.

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How I Can Help Design And Develop Your Business Through People In These Unprecendented Times

The recent world pandemic has created huge and pressing problems for SME’s. Here are a few ways we can work together to help you restructure your business for the future through strategic change.

"Hr consulting Shropshire!
"Return to work COVID-19"

Returning To Work After COVID-19

I’ve recently been helping SME’s find ways to help their staff return to work safely as we tentatively ease out of the unprecedented COVID-19 lock down.

Why not book a consultation today to find out more & help your staff handle a return to work with confidence.

"Hr consulting Shropshire!

Managing Change

We’ve never seen such a huge shift in the way SME’s have had to adapt to change so dramatically, so quickly and with little or no preparation time for the Covid-19 pandemic.

It can be difficult to know what to do & more importantly who to turn to when you need help and guidance to manage change effectively.

Whether you have furloughed staff, have employees working from home or are thinking about making redundancies, I can help.

Adapting to and managing areas such as restructuring, right-sizing or redundancy and outplacement NOW will help future-proof your business for years to come.

I offer a fresh set of eyes to observe and offer guidance and support. I’ll keep things simple and to the point wherever possible and what I deliver to you will add value.

"Hr consulting Shropshire!


With over 20 years’ experience working within a HR/people development remit, Marie has held various senior positions within the automotive pressings industry, food manufacturing/processing and agriculture sectors and occupational health charity, before her transition to consultancy.

Aside from her many years of generalist HR management, Marie is practised in significant change projects, including project management, talent and succession planning implementation, job restructuring, site closures, redundancy and outplacement of staff.

As a chartered member of the CIPD, this experience all lends itself to a passion for organisational development and design, adding value through people, processes and development initiatives.

"Having the right people within a business
is fundamental in making your business fit for the future and not just for now."

– Marie Speight

Marie has worked on a number of high profile projects within Greenvale in the time that I have known her. These have included the successful closure of three production facilities, the implementation of a succession planning model, access to Apprentice Levy funding, the generation of a management development programme including senior management mentoring.
Marie’s drive, attention to detail, ability to communicate with people of all levels within our business and enthusiasm to see a challenge through to a successful conclusion was a factor behind her work and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to assist with any HR needs within a business. 
Andy Ferguson

HR Director, Greenvale AP

Marie ‘gets’ the need for change and she ‘gets’ people – most importantly she understands the impact of each upon the other. Her recent facilitation of our business transition project at Enitial has proved invaluable in enabling the team to focus, prioritise and deliver through challenging times. I would happily recommend Marie for project support as well as training and development.


David Farley

Divisional Director

What is your ‘Social Safety Net’?

What is your ‘Social Safety Net’?

You may or may not have heard of this in an employment context, but simply put, it where an employer takes a more holistic approach in regard to employee welfare and support – something that has definitely come to fruition since the pandemic. The last 12-18 months has...

How do we encourage our staff to stay?

How do we encourage our staff to stay?

I am a firm believer of the usefulness of exit interviews and how we can use the information to help improve what we do as an employer in order to retain our staff. However, there is an element of ‘shutting the gate after the horse has bolted’ in that it is perhaps a...

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